Workshop in Tortona Vol.2

On the 24th of January, young volunteers in Tortona got the chance to meet once more and proceed with their research as initiated on the 17th of January 2018. The group of young people had the chance to understand better all the different possible research methodologies. By looking at their characteristics, each team had the chance to link them to pros and cons upon the subject that they deal with.

Doing so, the 4 groups covering a different side of the Delphi topic of “Tolerance towards different Cultures/Opinions” started working separately on their researches. Main subject of discussion were the next steps. How to better tackle their research questions as well as how to better reach the target groups they planed to involve in their projects.

Before the end of the workshop, groups presented their action plan and choices to each other in order to get feedback from their peers and to further improve their research project.