Social Dialogues with YEU Members and Partners

Tortona continues to engage

YEU, during 21st to 23rd of March, “WYRED” 190 young Europeans. A diverse group of children and young people got to engage thanks to the partnership with the

  • Municipality of Tortona,
  • members of YEU across Europe and specially La Fenice; and
  • Italian Civil Service in Tortona.

Focusing on engaging the local community, WYRED held a number of workshops 130 children, more than 20 Italian volunteers and more than 30 youth workers from around Europe.

9 Workshops with a variety of topics

Main tools to implement the workshops were Non-Formal Education methodologies, dialogue and gamification. Highlights of the discussions were

  • Fake News
  • Impact of the Digital Space on languages
  • Internet Safety;and
  • Ongoing research processes (part of the 1st Cycle).

With the support of WYRED partners and the Member Organisations we continue to engage more young people. At the same time, we try to use the expertise of our Trainers and Educators in this process.

For more details, don’t forget to follow up WYRED Social media and #Keepgettingwyred.