YEU and WYRED Social Dialogues

Engaging Young people is the main priority of WYRED.

As part of the Social Dialogues, YEU took the chance to combine ongoing processes and mobilities to present and engage people from around Europe. Using YEU premises and other spaces in Brussels, this phase brought on board a diversity of young people. With ages from 17 up to 35 and different backgrounds (culture, nationality, gender, sexual orientation), participants took an active stand upon the issues that came out from the Delphi Survey.

Within these participants, we want to highlight the contribution of a group of young ROMA from the Balkan region, the participation of Syrian refugees granted Asylum in Belgium and young participants who defined themselves as non-heterosexuals. We would like specifically  to mention this, as these people approached us and personally thanked YEU and WYRED project for giving them a chance to engage and share their views and opinions.

Closing the Social Dialogue, we look forward to building up more on these expectations and feedback, while offering more spaces and possibilities for young people to learn and engage.