WYRED Team meets once more in Vienna

After the first meeting in November last year in Salamanca, WYRED team got to meet once more and discuss details and processes in order to boost participation and engagement of young people and stakeholders.

The meeting took place in ImpactHub during the 29th to 31st of May, hosted by WYRED Partner MOVES. Partners got to discuss all closed processes (Building the WYRED network, Stakeholder Questionnaire, Slogan Competition and Delphi) performed during the first 7th months and also reflect on the outreach of contacts and work performed with young people.

Moreover, the consortium discussed details about the platform which will be used during the project, covered topics of management and valorisation, but most importantly focused and elaborated more on the following processes to take place from June 2017 and on.

Next step is the “Social Dialogue” process, which will offer more space for young people to get engaged and share their opinions.

Follow up the process and get yourself on board.